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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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teenager is accused of the assault. >> the pope in cuba asking catholics to be open to change. >> and in the wake of violence outside a 49ers game, considering last call after halftime. four on 2 starts now. good afternoon. following the a developing story, the fire department is working to put out a fire at a structure in alamo. this is video from sky fox 2 in the last 30 minutes. the fire is burning east of 680. the fire department was able to keep the fire contained to the one home. you can see how badly damaged it is. foe word on -- no word on what sparked the fire. sky fox 2 saw smoke from another fire. this one spotted in martinez. the fire is near a house that
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looks like it was under construction. we ever reached -- watched the flames burn up as you can see to the homes nearby in the area. we are still trying to get aheld of firefighters to learn what -- get ahold of firefighters to learn what started started the fire. welcome to the four on 2. keba arnold, mike mibach and rosemary. >> very hot and dry. nearing 100 degrees in areas in the alamo area as well as the martinez area. the winds are light. that is good news. humidity 17%. critically dry out there. northwest breeze. only 10 miles per hour. looking at the live shots. you can see it is very dry. grass, vegetation, all brown. what i noticed in the live shots is that the trees are not swaying, indicating the winds
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are very light out there. they could pick up into the afternoon. we are expecting -- the second part of the fron. we are expecting the sea breeze -- afternoon. we are expecting the sea breeze. we are expecting a cool down. right now hot, very dry. and the winds are light. back to you. >> thank you. a popular trail but now one town along the iron horse trail is talking about an assault. ktvu fox 2 news john sasaki live in danville. john? >> reporter: people are on this trail all the time. this is the trail. that is love lane. and over there san ramon valley high school. a man got into a conflict with teenagers who were hanging out in the parking lot. midnight sunday morning. a father was riding his bike, heading home from work when he
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encounter teenagers. somehow the man and the teenagers got into an argument that turned violent. the man ended up in the hospital. police say the teenager is charged with felony battery causing bodily injury. a teenager said the man would not leave them alone, just wanting to fight them. >> if someone ends up with severe injuries, doesn't matter what started it, the end result should not be hospitalization. >> i feel like the man should be charged. we told him we were 16, he didn't care. he threatened to kill us. all right. i feel like he should be charged. >> alarming to know that you can't ride down something around in your neighborhood without having to look around and really wonder whether you are safe or not. >> reporter: the police said
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this was an isolated incident and this is a safe trail to use. back to you. >> thank you john sasaki. other headlines, the teenager charged with sexually assaulting and killing maddy middleton pleaded not guilty today. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez is being charged as an an adult. prosecutors say adrian gonzalez lured her into the apartment and carried out the attack. maddy middleton's father held a rally. he wanted to focus on mady and not the teen. >> some people will be angry, some people will want blood. i don't want that because then that just does it in madison's name and taints her memory. justice will be served. >> he did not go inside the
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courtroom for today's hearing. he is not sure if he will attend adrian gonzalez's future court appearances. a hearing is set for october 29. the deadly wildfire is 30% contained. broke out saturday afternoon. that fire has killed one man and destroyed 10 structures. the death of the man who was found outside his burned out car as a suicide. firefighters say they have had trouble building containment lines because of the dead vegetation. the fire burned a thousand acres and some mandatory evacuations are still in effect with an evacuation center set up at car nel middle school. -- carmel middle school. governor jerry brown requested major disaster declarations to help release federal funds. the valley fire is 70% contained. it burned 76,000 acres and
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destroyed 1,050 structures. three people died and four firefighters were injured. it is the 4th worse in the state history. as far as the butte fire, 150 miles from the valley fire, burning in amador and calaveras counties. it is 74% contained. that fire killed two people and destroyed 545 homes and hundreds of other buildings. all evacuation advisories related to the butte fire have been lifted. pope francis drawing a huge crowd today in cuba. tomorrow we makes a trip to washington, d.c. today thousands filled the laws flaw the mass -- the plaza for the mass. even cuban president razl castro was there. pope francis was in the 4th
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largest city. it is the first type a pope visited there. he met with robinson -- with cuban president razl castro and former cuban president fidel castro. >> pushes us to look beyond. not to be satisfied with appearances or what is politically correct. >> the pope played a key role in opening relations between cuba and the united states. here is a look at the pope's schedule. arrives tomorrow and meets with the president. then capitol hill on thursday and that evening travel to new york city on friday. he will attend the united nations general assembly and a ceremony that 9/11 museum and saturday he will visit philadelphia, and visit
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independence hall. on sunday he will visit a prison before departing. ktvu's terra f will -- tara moriarty will be filing live reports from back east in the days to come. he was expected to be a front runwer he joined -- runner when he joined the race for the white house, but wisconsin governor scott walker drops out of the race. >> a cool down is underway. we will look at the conditions and who is expected to get the cool down by tomorrow coming up. >> have you seen this one? on facebook, a man found $1,300 in a box from dominoes pizza. if you want to know what he did, go to our facebook page. >> a live look outside. interstate 680. not bad for a monday. not bad at all. the four on 2 will be back in a bit.
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the crowded field of republican presidential candidates got smaller. it is now down to 15. an hour ago wisconsin governor scott walker dropped out. he said the campaign had become too nasty, too full of personal attacks and he said a positive message can tries the top of the field and he took a shot at donald trump without mentioning him. >> i encourage other candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can focus on a
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limited number of candidates who can offer a positive alternative to the current frontrunner. >> he tried to appeal to to- curve -- curvatives. he was less -- conservatives. he was less than one percent. how to contract down on alcohol related problems at 49ers games. one suggest ban the sale of alcohol during the second half of the game, this comes after a fight. the 49ers say this behavior will not be tolerated tolerated and there will be consequences. cell phone video captured 49ers fans beating up a vikings fans. three 9er fans have been arrested. one had his season season tickets reinvestigation and the others won't be -- revoked and the other is won't be allowed
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back in. . all right. a live picture from sky fox 2 over head in martinez right there. there was fire that was burning. a house under construction. that kicked up 45 minutes ago. firefighters put this one out quickly. you can see the flames did move towards that neighborhood right there. it was burning on carter acres lane. firefighters making good progress. not the only one burning, we had another fire in alamo. the hot temperatures and the wind today, any wind today? >> the winds picked up in the last 30 minutes which is helping to lead to a cool down. that is going to feel good for most of us. thankfully early on when the fires broke out, very hot, very dry but the winds were light. 5-15 miles per hour. but i expect them to increase
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into the evening hours as well. concord 13 miles per hour. napa 13. around the martinez and alamo area 5-15 miles per hour. if we shift south, sfo 20. hayward 14. livermore 16. san jose 16. all day long we have been 5-ten miles per hour. again -- 5-10 miles per hour. again the winds picking up. around the bay area, sfo, oakland, hayward, a drop in temperatures from 24 hours go. inland and it isgist as hot, fairfield, concord -- it is just as hot, fairfield, concord. cool down at the coast, inside the bay, at this hour, inland you have to wait one more day before you get the cool down. with that the heat advisory remains till 8:00 p.m. this evening. you can see along the coast and
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around the bay, inland, santa rosa, napa, american canyon, this section, national weather service out of sacramento, they don't have the advisory for your area but livermore, san jose, gilroy, and the santa cruz minutes till 8:00 p.m. heat advisory means take note, it is very hot. try not to be outdoor physical you don't need to be. 99 degrees walnut creek. 102 livermore. many inland areas hit 100 degrees. 84 san francisco. 89 hayward. even though we are cooling down, still warm. through the over night hours, the low clouds and fog will make a come back. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., notice there it is. in addition to the onshore breeze we have the low clouds, the fog and the marine lair that will be building. temperatures tomorrow morning, 59 degrees san francisco.
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60 oakland. upper 50s concord. 58 for fremont. and for the afternoon tomorrow take a look at this. major cooling coming. major cooling. livermore where we are above 100 right now, tomorrow 83. 83 for antioch. upper 70s for the north bay. and closer to the bay, 73 hayward. 76 redwood city. 66 in the city of san francisco. and 64 for pacifica. for the final days of summer we have a cool down coming. first day of autumn wednesday, temperatures holding steady, low 80s inland. low 70s around the bay area. mid-60s at the coast and then we will warm up into thursday, friday and the bay area weekend. >> thank you. finances an industry filled with men but more women are
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joining. it is money monday, females in finance and how women in the bay area are helping others dive into the business world.
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governor jerry brown has not indicated whether he will sign the end of life option act. they passed it september 11. it would allow terminally ill
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adults to get a prescription for drugs to end their lives. members of the catholmembers of the catholic church are against it and advocates are worried about care givers and others. >> still, someone who stands to inherent or an abusive care giver may legally steer someone towards assisted suicide. >> we were told the bill hasn't reached his desk. once it does get to him he has 12 days to sign or veto it. a charter school shut down, police arrested an aid last week accused of molessing a -- molesting a student. officials asked spark charter
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school to close its doors till records are up to date. this teacher aid right here, was arrested last week. he is accused of molesting an 8- year-old girl at the school and during that investigation officials discovered finger print tests for all employees had not been completed before the school opened up and that is a violation of the state education code. >> what i said to them was if you do not close i will take forward a recommendation to revoke the charger. law allows it if it safety of students are at risk. >> the school has now completed background checks. they are waiting for information come too come back from the county -- to come back from the county. in 3 minutes, a live panel
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of women talking about how bay area business women are succeeding and paving the way for more to dive into finance services.
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women are having a bigger say in finance and they are finding their way to be successful and help a new
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generation of female experts. we are taking 4 minutes to take a look at this. keba is with successful women to talk about how they are paving the way and helping junger generations. -- younger generations. >> we are joined by tracy, colleen and kayla. thank you for being here. i know you are so busy. tell us about your background. >> i am president of the financial women's association and a cpa in the bay area. >> i have 20 years of business consulting experience. in finance services. today i work with a firm in the san francisco office. >> i am a student at university of california at berkeley studying business. i was a scholarship winner. >> so much experience, you are
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on your way. i read your bio. impress. highly educated. i know you believe in mentorships. when it comes to women in the finance industry, how important is mentorships? >> women wanted to support each other as they were growing in their careers. it is so important. we have different experiences. as you are working with a mentor you learn so much, often more than the mentor learns from you. >> so important with your group. >> great. [ indiscernible ] >> i call her all the time when i have issues. she is at a competing firm but very supportive. >> you have been in the business for 20 years. you are a leader and a mentor. let's talk about what you attribute your success to and
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what is different for women compared to men? >> i think the most important thing about thinking about women in the finance services industry is we have to understand men and women are different. let's understand that and let's build from that. i think it is important that women understand you will have to work harder. you will have to be more -- [ talking at the same time ] >> should you have to? [ talking at the same time ] >> i don't know. i think as women, you know, maybe we are wired differently. i am not saying we shouldn't have the same opportunities and the same things in front of us, but i am saying that you will have to work harder and you will have to be more prepared. but we are wired, we have kids, we have families, we multiple task for a living. it does add to the success. >> you were a scholarship
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recipient last year. congratulations. what did receiving the scholarship mean for you and also i read that you are a self- finance student. you are paying for your education. talk about the scholarship and why you decided to get involved in finance. >> sure. figuring out how to fund my education was a struggle. i decided to take it as a learning opportunity so i could grow as much as possible and learn about the space. in that experience i was able to find a number of loans, scholarships, and also work multiple jobs in order to pay all the bills. and from that experience i was empowered and inspired. now as a women in finance. >> i know that makes you smile hearing that. what do you say to other high school students or college freshman about think about the
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business of finance? >> i think that at first it doesn't sound like the most glamorous space but there are so many exciting things to learn and finance is a great career, it sets you up for anything you want to do. >> the best kept secret, tremendous opportunity for women. >> there are jobs. there are jobs. gearing up for a lunch inn. >> we recognize a woman in finance, we recognized people from chevron this year, careede on from lending club. the woman tells her story, an amazing event. >> we have the information, wednesday september 30, 11:30 a.m., weston st. francis. tickets are available. >> still available. there will be 600 people there. >> thank you all for being
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here. >> thank you for having us. >> we will take a quick break. after the break, talking about the hot weather. your forecast straight ahead.
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the world health organization is criticized for a slow response and a failure when an ebola outbreak struck
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last year. a string of avoidable errors that undermine the work of aid workers. >> reporter: hospital workers in sierra leone dealt with the ebola crisis some noticed the chlorine they were using didn't smell right. >> it was exmired for one year -- expired for one year. >> reporter: the first place ebola was identified in the country but instead the hospital became an incubator. >> we areane war zone -- we are in a war zone -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the fail dollars of world health organization and sierra leone -- the failure of the world health organization and sierra leone government. he said the horrible scene at the hospital will stick with
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him for years. >> we had a shortage of body bags or personal protective equipment. we had bodies outside in the rain. >> reporter: who director stressed the importance of ken ama. . >> there is no question that the slowness of the response, the delay in the response, the disorganization of the response on the part of the world health organization had dyer consequences in terms of lives loss. >> reporter: two months ago a panel criticized the response to the epidemic. to date no one has lost their job. who assistant director concedes mistakes were made but insists they weren't responsible for
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the growth. >> drivers the epidemic are not a bad who representative or a loudy treatment center. -- lousy treatment center. the drivers are the population behaviors. >> reporter: the outbreak has yet to be neutralized and many who helped are now stigmatized by their exposure to ebola. a memorial, a tribute and a reminder of what went wrong, etched in stone are the names of the 40 staffers who lost their lives in the outbreak. >> the world health organization says the 2014 ebola outbreak began in guinea. the virus spread to 5 more west african american nations including sierra leone. the latest numbers from the centers for disease control and
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prevention says 14,000 people contracted the illness in sierra leone and killed 4,000 people there. it claimed 6400 lives all together. in the weather center now with rosemary orozco. if you don't like the hot weather, changes are coming. >> yes. trickled in today. we had it at the coast. the inland communities will have to wait another day. a live look from ktvu. towards san francisco. we have blue skies. it is a spare the air day. although for most of us the air quality is moderate. a look towards the east where we have blue skies. and the further inland you go the hotter it is. cooling in spots. pacifica 15 degrees cooler this
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afternoon than yesterday. and into san francisco, 84 yesterday. 76 today. oakland, 95 the afternoon high yesterday. and right now 88. 6 degrees cooler in hayward. the cool down has begun. it will be another day before we get that inland area to begin to fill in. livermore, fairfield, concord, just as hot, hotter right now than yesterday. 102 livermore. 101 concord. 101 fairfield. closer to the auditors, redwood city, 96 degrees. 94 mountain view. 96 san jose. north bay, 94 napa. 100 around santa rosa. into the inland east bay, 100 degrees pittsburg.
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101 alamo. 95 lafayette. 98 danville. this will be the worse of it. temperatures fall into tuesday. the onshore breeze turned on. strengthening over the last couple hours and that is good news. sfo 20 miles per hour right now. 14 hayward. livermore 16. early on it was 5, 10. again, it will be increasing into the evening hours. we have mostly clear skies. few patches of fog. over night hours, i think the fog is back. tomorrow morning, along the coast line, cloud cover, stretching into the peninsula. we will wake up with low clouds. partly cloudy skies for inland cities. temperatures on the mild side. upper 50s, low 60s. into the afternoon, 60s at the coast. 70ss for the east bay. shoreline 80s for the warmer spots. the red pushed back into the
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valley. central valley. 60 degrees tomorrow morning in oakland. 57 redwood city. 58 concord. 58 hayward. afternoon highs for tomorrow, low 70 petaluma. mid-70s san rafael. low 80s danville. 83 antioch. warmer spots, 100 degrees right now, low 80s. 83 morgan hill. 80 cupertino. 70 san bruno. 66 san francisco. mid-60s at the coast. first day of fall on wednesday, temperatures remain similar. we have a warm up coming for the back half of the work week. >> thank you. frank is live with the stories we are working on for 5:00 p.m. big story near a popular trail in the bay area. >> yeah. a man was riding his bike home
4:40 pm
from work in the east bay, ran into teenagers and what happened next led to that man being taken to the hospital and one of the teenagers arrested and charged with a felony. the question is, what was the spark? you will hear from one of the other teenagers and what he is telling us. >> the story about people not happy with the red cross when it comes to the valley fire. >> the red cross has been helping people evacuated from the valley fire. you might be surprised to find out the red cross is also getting a lot of criticism from people, especially those trying to donate and help. we sent tom vacar to look into the complaints and get reaction. we will hear what tom discovered. >> thank you. coming up next, a little girl's advice to her divorced parents is getting attention online. what she had say to mom and dad
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is coming up. babies who are talked to from the time they're born are more likely to have a successful future. talking and reading to children in their first years
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has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at
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pope francis will make a visit to the united states this week. what can we expect? laura green looks at what is ahead for pope francis. >> reporter: the faithful cheering by the millions in far reaching places. now on the eve of his first visit, there is excitement, wonder and trepidation over how he will view the hub of capitalism. >> i hope he sees a country that welcomed poor immigrants, given them the opportunity. >> reporter: a possible sign of the future under the frances
4:44 pm
effect. >> the catholic church had a sign that said members only. under pope francis they feel there is a new sign that says come on in. open for business. >> real change takes generation. pope francis is a change agent. >> reporter: it means going back to the past, the meeting of the 1960s when bishops grappled with how to make catholicism more accessible. >> 100 years ago would you have a married father talking about church history to fox news? probably not. >> reporter: 50 years later pope francis' papacy can express the intentions of vatican. but some worry in his efforts to make the church more inclusive will he move it away
4:45 pm
from tradition. >> he is not going to change the teaching on same-sex marriage, abortion. he will say do we alienate that person or reach out to that person. >> reporter: it may take another 50 years to see if it creates lasting change. >> ktvu's tara moriarty is traveling to the east coast, we will hear from her during the next couple days. common image in text books. a picture of the solar system but the scale of the planets isn't accurate. two film makers say it is way off and they went to black rock desert to prove it. we are joined by wily and alex from two scale films. thank you for talking about your film. this is great. now i know why i did so poorly
4:46 pm
in astronomy in college. what is wrong about the scale? >> reporter: well, it -- it -- in our diagram -- [ indiscernible ] we are shown the concept but not the reality. we wanted to show the reality. to do that you have to build a scale model. >> was this your idea? >> reporter: it wasn't my idea. my first reaction was that sounds simple and easy. section reaction was that sounds really difficult -- second reaction was that sounds really difficult. >> when you got there, tell me what happened. >> reporter: well, we were met by a couple of moy friends who
4:47 pm
generously de-- couple of my friends who generously donated their time. [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: yeah. we built a scale model. measured out the distances. used gps to get the largest orbit and over the course of a few hours shot a time lapse. and against all odds we managed to get it. incredible we managed to capture what we did. we couldn't be more pleased. >> we are watching video right now. you used a marble to be earth and you covered 7 miles? >> reporter: yeah. started with a marble. that was our starting point because it looked like the earth. we realized the orbpet of neptune was 7 miles wide total.
4:48 pm
we got flack for not using pluto, there wasn't space for it. >> we all love pluto. don't wereee about it -- worry about it. what are you trying to capture here. what do you want students and people to understand about the solar system? >> reporter: i think just generally what it looks like. confronting the reality of where we are in space, i think it comes with profound insights into how we live down here. i think the general idea and what was reflected in the words of the astronauts, we really are on nothing more than a tiny lilt marble. if we reconsider our
4:49 pm
civilization, it makes you think. >> what are your thoughts about it? >> that is the same thing. when he explained the idea behind it, that we are not trying to show people what the planets look like, we are trying to show people where we sit in this giant universe. when you understand that it changes the way you see everything. that is why i was motivated to help out. >> definitely a giant universe. great clip. i loved watching it. i have been sharing it. viewkers go to and -- viewers can go to and watch it. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you. . >> taking a look at the stories making news on social media besides that video. cute children get a lot of attention online. >> they do. you see baby postings.
4:50 pm
this one shared, take a listen. >> mom, are you ready to be his friend? >> yes. >> try not to be that high up to be friends. i want everything to be low. okay? >> okay. >> just try your best. all right? i want you and my dad to be replaced and -- i want you and my dad to be friends. >> oh, my goodness. her mom shared his video on facebook. she ratherred it after a -- recorded it after a fight with her ex-husband but her daughter saw this happen. her mom said she said try to be nice to each other. her mother said she is teaching me, it woke me up. >> i watched that too. not trying to be mean, if we
4:51 pm
live in a world where everyone is mean everyone will be monsters. i don't want that. >> we can all learn from that. >> we could. i wish the mom would engage her more. she had powerful words. sometimes as a parent i want to put the phone down -- >> hopefully they had that conversation and she was just sharing that with us to learn. [ talking at the same time ] the emmy awards took lace last night in -- place last night in halloween. there were two -- in hollywood there were two firsts last night. tracy morgan handed out the award to "game of thrones." it had 24 nominations going into the night. they won 22 emmys. that is a record. and the first time they took
4:52 pm
home the best drama series. they received 83 nominations to date. >> wonder if they will get a uptick in -- [ talking at the same time ] >> after the big night. tracy morgan. his presentation was his first public appearance since his deadly bus crash. this is where he addressed the public. great to see him. >> you can tell they thought the same, great to see him. the other major moment of the night, viola davis, the first african american woman to win the award for best leading actress on a drama series. >> the only thing that epierates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. . [ cheers and applause ] >> you cannot win an emmy for
4:53 pm
roles that are not there. >> he said in my mind i see a line and over that line i see green fields and flowers flowers and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me but i can't get there. i can't get over that line. she was a graduate of julie art. she has been nominated for multiple oscars. she won two tony's. they congratulated viola davis on social media. kerry washington said amen. best speech of the night. washington was nominated the last two years but did not win. >> those tweets and another one
4:54 pm
that created a firestorm on social media. nancy lee grahn. emmy not venue for racial opportunities. she later deleted that and issued apology. >> said my intention was not to take this moment from viola davis. or other women of color. i realize my intention doesn't matter because that is what i ended up doing. >> social media, sometimes you fire a tweet off and -- >> off it goes. [ talking at the same time ] >> she apologized. for months she was known as baby doe. now her mother and her mother's boyfriend are facing murder charges in the death of the two- year-old. new details did you tell bella bond's death. >> sky fox 2 in the air.
4:55 pm
you can see the smoke right there. sky fox 2 in the air. >> third fire in the last couple hours here. >> we will be right back.
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the mother of baby doe was areigned in ms.. -- was arraigned in mass. rachelle bond and michael
4:58 pm
mccarthy was arraigned on murder charges. bellabella bond's decomposed body was found in a trash bag in june on a boston beach. michael mccarthy killed the child because she refused to go to sleep and rachelle bond helped her dispose of the body. the couple told people she was taken by department of children and family services but last week rachelle bond confessed to a friend who called police. michael mccarthy told people that bella bond was possessed by demons and it was her time to die. rachelle bond was held on 100 million dollars and michael mccarthy without bail. frank and heather now. >> a man was beaten and sent to the hospital after a confrontation into high school parking lot near a popular trail. the suspect is a 16-year-old and police are trying to reassure the public the iron
4:59 pm
horse trail is safe. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> good evening everyone. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. we have developing news that we are following. a very busy hour for firefighters in the east bay after responding to two fires. this is video from sky fox 2 over the fire in martinez. carters acres lane. it forced the closure of a park. sky fox 2 captured construction workers rushing to try to keep the flames away from a hominid construction. no word on what caused the fire in martinez. and just before that, the scene in alamo. the structure, east of 680. the fire department was able to keep this fire contained to the one home.
5:00 pm
you can see how badly damaged it was. so far no word on what caused this fire. our chief meteorologist bill martin, what are the conditions like out there? >> all around the bay area, hot again. a heat advisory, spare the air day. how hot and dry it is, hot and dry over the weekend, today so exception. inland today warmer than yesterday. 100 degrees right now in concord. it is 101 in livermore valley. it is hot. take a look. the departure from yesterday. cooler around the bay. this is the beginning of the change. you see this sea breeze is kicking in. oakland minus 11 degrees than last noth at this time. -- night at this time. cool around the bay but hot inland. we have a cooling trend that will help with the air quality, the heat advisory won't be needed tomorrow as temperatures go away. when i come back we will talk


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